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Featured Artwork

Cody Museum - Featured Artwork

The Sidon Monument

This bronze was commissioned by Glenn and Olive Nielson from Utah artist Stan Johnson preparatory to the opening of the Pioneer Museum. Featuring four horses, a family and a dog, this one-third life-sized sculpture took nearly two years to complete prior to its unveiling on August 25, 1983. Behind it are early photographs showing the construction of the Sidon Canal in the early 1900s.

Cody Museum - Featured Artwork

Framed Wood Carving

Carved from a single piece of wood by famed Western artist Dee Flagg, the concept for this bas-relief work came from furniture designer, Thomas Molesworth. Paying tribute to Mormon mothers, it was completed for Sister Louise Taggart, wife of Bishop Lloyd Taggart. The carving is on long-time loan to the museum by the Cody First Ward. This picture depicts only one of the framed wood carvings showcased at the Historic Cody Mural and Museum.

Cody Museum - Featured Artwork

Hand-forged iron horse hobbles

Hobbles are still used today to secure a horse when no tree, post or other option is available to tie a horse and prevent it from running away. Now more often made of leather or rope, these iron hobbles were used a century ago. These are on long-term loan to the museum from the Mark N. Partridge Family.

Cody Museum - Featured Artwork

Book of Mormon, First Edition

Translated by Joseph Smith, the Book of Mormon was first printed in March of 1830 in Palmyra, New York with financing provided by Martin Harris. Just 5,000 copies were created in that first printing, and this is one of the few currently on display in the United States. This Book of Mormon was donated to the museum by Cody residents Bud and Lucille Webster.