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The History the Mural Depicts

The Cody Chapel Mural depicts the founding of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and its early growth, including the migration of church members into Utah, which was originally called the State of Deseret. In the mural, artist Edward Grigware captures not only the experiences of these early Latter-day Saints, but also the emotions of the time relating to this uniquely American religious movement.

Story Mural DepictsStory Mural DepictsStory Mural DepictsStory Mural Depicts

The scenes depicted in the mural span from 1827, when Joseph Smith received sacred scripture inscribed on golden plates from the Angel Moroni, through Joseph Smith’s ministry and martyrdom, to the exodus of the Mormon pioneers from Nauvoo, Illinois and their eventual settlement in the Salt Lake Valley and the building of the Salt Lake City Temple.  Images of the first eight prophets of the church are also incorporated in the mural.