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The Chapel Rotunda

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Two of the individuals leading the efforts to build the Cody Chapel were Glenn E. Nielson and Lloyd Taggart. Both were well-known businessmen in the community, and both active members of the Church. Douglas W. Burton, a California architect who designed a number of Mormon chapels during that time period, was asked to create the Cody building as well.
According to local sources, Mr. Nielson and Mr. Taggart hoped that the chapel would serve not only as a place of worship for local church members, but also provide an opportunity for tourists traveling through Cody and Yellowstone Park the chance to learn more about the Mormon faith. Thus, the building’s architecture was unusual when compared to many other chapels of that era. Specifically, it incorporated a rotunda, a domed foyer 36’ in diameter and 18’ high from the base to the peak of the ceiling. When the building was completed in 1949, the stunning rotunda remained unadorned. It would not remain so for long.